Frequently Asked Questions

At CONSTROCONNECT, we encourage only genuine entities with accurate information. Our ?One Company/Entity - One User Registration? approach helps us to maintain validity through Registrations. Being able to surface in Client search for service sourcing and getting higher ratings with each job work, are the main incentives for users to upload accurate and relevant data.
Please refer our Privacy Policy & End User Agreement.
As a constantly magnifying platform, featuring on CONSTROCONNECT, eliminates the need for the said entities to build/recreate and promote their personal websites which can be resource and time consuming. CONSTROCONNECT?s design qualifies each profile to be showcased as a micro website of that particular entity without additional expenses. Hence when the profile is designed well with visuals, accurate information, project details and photographs etc, the Tier status and ratings naturally escalate making it easier for prospect clients to connect. Furthermore, we have tied up with for those who seek to have their basic Company Profile made as competitive prices to be uploaded.
Any entity/company, providing services in the field of Construction as a Professional or Contractor can register. We offer over 20 Categories in Professionals and 60 Categories under Vendors.
No. We accept registrations from all over the country and hence it is preferred to provide correct information, entity and project location as this will eventually direct client searches and ratings.
Our Client Acquisition Manager can be contacted for any business requirements or write to us in case of any technical issues or support- Click Here.
All mandatory fields need to be filled. The profile banner will be visible in the listings during client search so it?s advised to upload a relevant and attractive banner. Filling up rest of the fields facilitates allocation of Tier such as Bronze/Silver/Gold based on data submitted
Once you enter the details and build your Profile, all the data is saved to your profile. The same can be edited anytime clicking the EDIT button and making the necessary changes.
Tier ratings are based on data submission with regards to compliances which are a significant part of the screening and due diligence process with majority of the Clients. Tier ratings are awarded as ? Bronze/Silver/Gold. The applicability is mentioned in the form, which can be edited at any time.
At CONSTROCONNECT the process of rating is absolutely unbiased. CONSTROCONNECT focuses on giving due credit along with validation to those entities which have already set their benchmark and new entrants who vie for the place amongst the best based on work. You may ask your colleagues/peers/associates registered at CONSTROCONNECT to rate you based on their experience.
Only registered and verified users can rate a profile. Also no entity registered in the same category/specialisation can rate peers from the same category.
A good rating, e.g.: above 4 maximises your chance to be in the top 50 profiles searched for a category thereby increasing your reach.
Once the details are submitted, your free account has been created and you can access your account any time. However, if you have submitted complete information, the account will be live within 48 hours
After submitting the complete company profile and product information, like unique product name with image and description, your company?s listing will appear in the search results within 48 hours

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